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America’s Safest Companies 2016: EnPro Industries

The 10 companies on the 2016 list of America's Safest Companies represent a broad array of industries. These companies operate in the construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, food, agriculture and utility industry sectors.

As a multiple-time America's Safest Companies award winner, EnPro Industries continues to make strides to improve its safety processes.

Company policies go beyond accepted industry standards and apply to all areas where work is being performed, a “no safe zone" strategy. Some policies include standards for acceptable types of clothing and accessories, personal hygiene and prohibited electronics devices as well as required PPE such as safety glasses, hearing protection and shoes.

In addition, one of the key elements to EnPro's safety process is its CARES acronym, which stands for:

  • Control emotions – Recognize your mental state and use sound judgment.
  • Anticipate – Think ahead to prevent unsafe conditions and behaviors.
  • Responsible – Look out for yourself and others.
  • Engage – Remain focused and fully aware.
  • Safe pace – Work at appropriate speed to avoid stress and strain.

“We believe that every employee in our organization has a right to a safe and healthful workplace," said Scott Luedke, director of EHS operations at the company. “It is our mission to provide that for our employees and to ensure success."

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The company operates with a shared responsibility model which Luedke attributes directly to continued safety improvements year over year.

“Across the United States we have 14 EHS professionals on paper, but the reality is we really have 3,435 united EHS team members, each of whom are encouraged daily to promote the safety, health and well-being of their peers," he said.

Safety extends beyond EnPro's U.S. sites.  Measures and procedures are implemented on a global scale with the company's locations in Slovakia, China, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Australia, Britain, Brazil Mexico and Canada.

“Our belief is that safety has no language barrier, and we take time in all divisions and locations to make sure that this message is both communicated and understood," Luedke said. “Operating globally presents unique challenges in-and-of itself, but we also feel it provides a level of understanding that many businesses aren't able to leverage."

EnPro Industries
Charlotte, NC

3,435 employees
36 sites/14 EHS Professionals

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