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America's Safest Companies 2018: Gribbins Insulation

Gribbins Insulation combines executive leadership involvement with worker engagement to drive world-class safety.

"Safety plays a vital role in the way our company does business," says Trevor Atherton, safety manager for Gribbins Insulation. "From the annual company-wide safety meeting to the extensive safety incentives, our commitment to safety is felt throughout the company."

The mechanical insulation contractor combines executive leadership involvement with worker engagement to drive world-class safety.

"The combination of education and involvement allows our employees to feel confident in knowing how to work safely as well as buy in to the process," he says. "Our training program ensures that employees know the rules, regulations and polices before they begin work, while our many continuing education programs ensure that employees constantly grow their safety knowledge."

Atherton explains the key elements of Gribbins Insulation's safety program:

New Hire Training. The safety manager or a safety coordinator reviews all aspects of the company's safety program with the new employee. The training is followed by a comprehensive 50-question exam, which requires a score of at least 80% to pass and begin work. Throughout an employee's tenure with Gribbins, retraining is required annually and any time the employee violates a policy. After a candidate successfully passes the exam and is hired, a supervisor reviews the site-specific safety plan and job hazard analysis with the employee.

Continuing Education. Company executives and safety professionals at Gribbins feel the more training workers receive, the more knowledge and skills they will have to perform their job properly and safely. The company's ongoing training program includes weekly safety meetings, monthly safety bulletins, safety alerts, daily job hazard analyses/safety task assignments, foreman training and an annual companywide safety meeting.

Employee Involvement. Gribbins Insulation's employees are involved in the safety program through many efforts, including Safety STAR program, the SAFE program and accident investigations.

"Gribbins Insulation believes that maintaining open communication between management and all other employees on safety issues will foster a safety culture in which employees bring forth safety concerns and suggestions that will improve safety in the workplace and raise the level of awareness," Atherton says.

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