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America's Safest Companies 2019: CSA Ocean Sciences

Nov. 11, 2019
When it comes to workplace safety at CSA, everyone steers the ship.
CSA Ocean Sciences
Stuart, Florida
Marine environmental consulting
104 employees | 7 sites | 3 EHS professionals

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Founded in 1970 as a marine environmental consulting firm, CSA Ocean Sciences specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning environmental impacts of activities throughout the world.

In its 49 years, 79+ countries of operations, and over 600 clients in the energy, government, ports and coastal, and infrastructure markets, CSA has maintained an exceptional safety record, despite its often remote locations of operations and challenging conditions.

Everyone steers the ship when it comes to workplace safety. All members of the company’s upper management (CEO, COO, executive VP, VP-general manager, VP-operations, VP-science) are active members of the safety committee and attend quarterly and ad hoc committee meetings.

Leadership maintains an “open-door policy” regarding safety matters. All employees and subcontractors, regardless of position, have stop-work authority (SWA) and a non-disciplinary safety reporting policy and cannot be reprimanded for exercising that right and responsibility.

“Whether positive or negative, attitude can affect every aspect of the safety culture,” says Eirik Kydland, HSSE director. “At CSA, we foster positive attitudes towards safety. Safety is not about creating unnecessary paperwork, but rather understanding that every single employee has a reason to go home after the project.”

While CSA maintains an extensive library of online courses, an instructor-led training format ensures that the training the company provides is relevant and tailored to the type of operations they conduct versus generic computer-led training. The training complies with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

CSA is currently undergoing a company-wide initiative to conform with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, and ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management Systems.

The company’s Scientific Diving Program exceeds the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) standards. While the AAUS requires dive physicals at 2, 3, or 5 years based on age, CSA mandates annual physicals for all divers (paid for by CSA).

“It is because of this annual physical exam requirement that a physician identified and diagnosed my cancer early. It would have otherwise gone unnoticed for years,” Kydland says. “I credit CSA’s commitment to the health of our personnel for the early diagnosis and treatment. While the cancer was not work-related, the early diagnosis may have saved my life.”

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