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EHS Today Presents the 2016 America's Safest Companies [Photo Gallery]

This year might offer the widest representation of industries we’ve ever had for America's Safest Companies. These companies represent industries as diverse as heavy construction, agriculture, oil and gas, light and heavy manufacturing, food manufacturing, refining and nuclear power. Despite the obvious differences in their industries, these 10 America’s Safest Companies share a passion for safety and the environment, and treat EHS as a building block necessary for global business success.

In all of the winning applications, despite the diverse industries and sizes, one message resonated loud and clear: None of them are satisfied that they are at the end of their safety journey. There is no finish line when it comes to safety. They continue to strive to improve their safety process and achieve greater safety leadership.

All of the 2016 America’s Safest Companies demonstrated support from management and employee involvement; provided innovative solutions to safety challenges; reported injury and illness rates significantly lower than the average for their industries; supported comprehensive training programs; believed that that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; integrated safety into their corporate culture and communicated the value of safety to employees and customers; and substantiated the benefits of the safety process.


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