Job-Related Injuries, Illness Data Released

April 21, 2000
Musculoskeletal disorder "keep hanging on as a leading cause of workplace injuries and illnesses, according to Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman.

In a statement yesterday Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary Alexis M. Herman said work-related musculoskeletal disorders "keep hanging on as a leading cause of workplace injuries and illnesses, like the proverbial junkyard dog that bites a leg and wont let go."

Her comments come after job-related injuries and illnesses data was released. According to the DOL, nearly 600,000 musculoskeletal disorders were reported in 1998.

"That's more than one-third of all injuries and illnesses that resulted in a lost workday, a ratio that has remained the same since 1992," Herman commented.

At the same time, total lost workday injuries and illnesses continued to decline, with 100,000 fewer workers suffering an occupational injury or illness in 1998 than in 1997.

Despite this progress, 1.7 million workers suffered injuries that caused them to take time away from work.

"We must continue to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses; we must resolve to send every worker home whole and healthy every day," said Herman.

More information about injury and illness data can be found at the DOL Web site at

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