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Feb. 1, 2008
Ergonomic Knife The MegaSafe knife from Martor features an ergonomic aluminum handle with thumb sliders on both sides to make the knife accessible for

Ergonomic Knife

The MegaSafe knife from Martor features an ergonomic aluminum handle with thumb sliders on both sides to make the knife accessible for both right- and left-handed users. The knife's mechanism automatically returns the blade to the safe position upon leaving the material being cut, regardless of the slider position and no matter how far the blade has been extended. Martor USA
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Locking Safety Knife

This fixed-blade safety utility knife features a patented locking safety hood that covers the blade instantly and automatically when contact is lost with the cutting surface. Other features include easy blade changing with no tools required; definitive depth settings of ¼-inch; and ¾-inch blade exposure. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable for use with either the left or right hand. Lewis Safety Knife Co., a division of Seal-o-Matic Corp.
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LED Flashlight Bulb

This 3-watt LED PR-style flashlight bulb provides common flashlights with a bright, solid-state, durable and weather-resistant lamp without the need to heat gases or risk broken filaments or glass globes. The LED batteries last up to 92 continuous hours and provide pure-color light even as the battery power dwindles. The bulb comes with a 9mm flange base fits almost any two or three-cell flashlight. LEDtronics
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LED Lighting Instruments

The new Pelican LED series features efficient, durable flashlights for extreme conditions. With Pelican's Recoil LED technology, the bulb is aimed backwards and the light is reflected forward like a handheld lighthouse. The result is a powerful, white, collimated beam that is as bright as a conventional flashlight. These LED lights offer up to 10,000 hours of light and deliver 15 times the burn time compared to incandescent bulbs. Pelican Products Inc.
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Ergonomic Tool

The BackSaver Grip is a simple attachment that allows long-handled tools to be gripped higher on the shaft so users can work standing up straight to avoid bending and back strain. It allows the legs to take the burden of work activities instead of the back and provides a more comfortable working position for the wrist and arm. The detachable grip fits shovels, rakes, mops, push brooms and other long-handled tools to create safer and more ergonomic working conditions. Mercantile Buyer's Service Inc.
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Cable Tie Removal Tool

This cable tie removal tool from ACT Fastening Solutions safely removes cable ties from wire harnesses without damaging the insulation, eliminating the need for knives and box cutters. The ergonomic hand tool features a proprietary cutting head design with smooth, curved tips that slip behind a cable tie to pull it away from the wire harness and cut it without nicking or damage. The tool is made of heat-treated alloy steel and features double-insulated, cushioned grips; a return spring; a lock; and a properly leveraged scissor-action cutter. It can safely remove plastic, copper or aluminum cable ties up to 1/2-inch wide. ACT Fastening Solutions
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