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Aug. 1, 2008
Emergency Response Guidebook The 2008 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook from Labelmaster provides a consistent and standardized approach for

Emergency Response Guidebook

The 2008 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook from Labelmaster provides a consistent and standardized approach for handling hazardous materials emergencies. New information in this edition includes updated lists of hazardous materials, an entry on lithium ion batteries, ethanol entries and identification numbers, more than 50 amendments to proper shipping names and ID numbers and much more. The guide is designed to assist responders in managing the first 15 to 30 minutes of an emergency and provides crucial information concerning scene management and response procedures that can save lives and enhance public and environmental safety. Labelmaster
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Computer-Compatible Headsets

These new computer-compatible headsets are ideal for PC-based communication applications in industrial or other high-noise areas. The rugged, lightweight headsets utilize noise-canceling, boom-mounted microphones to provide superior noise-attenuation for clear, crisp communication. Comfort features include undercut comfort gel ear seals; soft, double-foam head pad; and universal flex boom for one-touch microphone placement. Headsets are equipped with dual volume controls wired for stereo separation. David Clark Co.
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Fall Protection Kits

These new Workman fall protection kits from MSA are all-in-one kits designed specifically for the construction industry. The kits come complete with everything workers will need to keep them safe and secure, including a harness, shock-absorbing lanyard, a PointGuard anchorage connector strap and a carrying bag. The aerial kits include a harness, shock-absorbing lanyard and a carrying bag that can be attached to an aerial lift. MSA
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Germicidal Wipes

These SaniZide Plus germicidal wipes are EPA-registered, ready-to-use, alcohol-free, hospital-grade surface disinfectant wipes. They decontaminate, clean and deodorize all in one and are effective against tuberculosis, HIV-1, MRSA and more. The low-linting, durable towelette is nonflammable and will not damage hard, non-porous surfaces. SaniZide wipes are available in 40- or 160-count canisters. Safetec of America Inc.
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Slip-Resistant Mat Strips

These Grip Strips from Wearwell are slip-resistant strips that adhere to sponge-backed anti-fatigue mats. They are designed to prevent mats from slipping or moving out of place on smooth, polished or painted floors. The antimicrobial polymer is permanently tacky and so effective that only a few strips are needed, even in high traffic areas on highly polished floors. The strips do not promote bacterial growth, will retain their tack and are easy to clean and quick to dry. Wearwell
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Safety Glasses

The new Moon Dawg safety glasses from Aearo feature a surf-inspired design. Wide temples provide excellent side coverage, and the tough, polycarbonate lenses absorb 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Lenses are available in gray anti-fog or indoor/outdoor mirrored. These fashionable glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 high-impact standards and are ideal for outdoor safety sun wear. Aearo Technologies
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Fire Escape Hood

The lightweight iEvac fire escape hood can be put on in only 30 seconds to help the wearer escape from a fire. The composite filtering canisters are an effective combination of HEPA filtration, catalyst and impregnated activated carbon. The hood was tested against various hazards, including radiant heat and molten drip; soot; sub-micron particulates; and deadly gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. The entire hood was subjected to extremes of heat, cold, pressure, shock and vibration in order to ensure the best protection. The iEvac hood is sealed into a small package for a long shelf life. Elmridge Protection Products LLC
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Work Pant

Bulwark's new PMU2, CoolTouch 2 work pant features fabric that inherently is flame-resistant, NFPA 70E-compliant and NFPA 2112-compliant. The PMU2 is comfortable and durable with superior moisture management. It is soft and retains strength and appearance after multiple industrial launderings. The pant features a hook-and-eye waistband closure; slack-style front pockets; two set-in hip pockets; a cargo pocket on the left leg; and a cell phone pocket on the right leg. PMU2 offers function, comfort and protection in one package. Bulwark
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Drench Shower/Eyewash Unit Combo

The S19-310 emergency drench shower and eyewash unit from Bradley Corp. complies with ANSI and meets the full 15-minute flush requirement — anything less could put workers at risk. This space-saving combination fixture is easy to locate and use in an emergency. The bright yellow safety coating is highly visible and is corrosion resistant. Bradley Corp.
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Coated Glove

MCR Safety's new Ninja Lite N9696 is a feather-light glove with polyurethane-coated palm and fingertips. This combination of light PU coating and athletic-grade shell provides second-skin sensitivity with high abrasion protection. Appropriate industry applications include intricate assembly, micro processors, optics, photography, printing, printed circuits and transistors. These gloves are made without silicone; are CE score 4131; and are available in sizes small through extra large. MCR Safety
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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

The new Draeger PSS 7000 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) features Sentinel 7000, a fully integrated electronic firefighter monitoring system that includes a PASS device that provides both audible and visual alarms; displays and records all vital information; and provides real-time information regarding air supply and consumption. The new harness suspension system offers excellent harness stability, wear resistance and fit, while the flexible carrying system with integrated handles, internal hose guides and a patented swivel waist belt provides freedom of movement and a lower center of gravity. This SCBA meets and exceeds NFPA's new standard for water submersion, tumble test, heat and cold testing. Draeger Safety Inc.
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Ergonomic Maintenance Tools

These heavy-duty maintenance tools are designed and built to withstand the rigors of any industrial facility and help optimize safety, efficiency and productivity. The tools include floor and hand scrapers, which feature reversible blades with sharp, blunt sides for varying surfaces and material removal; telescopic poles to provide safe high-access cleaning without ladders or stools; grabbers to extend a worker's reach and to pick up hazardous materials hands-free to reduce injury risk; and utility belts. These tools are ergonomically designed to increase worker safety and to prevent injuries caused by repetitive motion. Unger Enterprises Inc.
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Global Communications Tool

The Topcon Tierra job site management system utilizes remote communications devices to provide a centralized information service on virtually every aspect of a job site. It uses advanced GPS technology to form a two-way, Web-based communications system to increase productivity and reduce costs. System features include a secure, open-structure database with both import and export functionality; comprehensive communications capabilities; mapping availability; a complete Internet application with multi-language interface; real-time data localization; fleet management information; text-messaging between machines; an alarm function; a reporting platform; and more. Topcon
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Multi-Gas Detector

The new GasAlertMax XT multi-detector from BW Technologies is used for H2S, CO, O2 and combustible gases. Simplify remote sampling in confined spaces with the GasAlertMax XT's non-intrusive, integrated sampling pump and SmartSample diaphragm pump technology. With true one-button technology and flexible user options, the GasAlertMax XT provides ease of use and simple compliance to industry standards. BW Technologies
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Rescue Device

The new Rollgliss rescue device from Capital Safety provides fast, efficient rescue for a worker who has fallen while using a cable self-retracting lifeline (SRL) for personal fall protection. This device can be installed and ready for use in less than 1 minute and is ideal for remote locations and for situations in which emergency response teams may not be readily available. It can be anchored in-line to the SRL cable, to a separate anchor or to the SRL housing by using the included anchoring chain. After the rescuer has anchored the device, he or she can lift the victim by pumping the handle; the victim is raised approximately 5 inches per stroke. The device is designed for a single user with a capacity of 420 lbs. Capital Safety
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LED Signs

Get your safety message across with these white, LED-lit signs featuring custom graphics and wording. Caliber Signage offers low power consumption, an extremely long life and more visibility than traditional signs. With a slim profile and numerous available finishes, these signs are designed to fit any architectural space. Easy installation can accommodate recessed ceiling, surface ceiling, surface-end and surface-wall mount configurations out of one box. The housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum, and the panel is manufactured from high-impact acrylic with silk-screened, computer-generated artwork. Chloride
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Safety Cabinet Saw

The SawStop cabinet saw's built-in safety system automatically detects when someone touches the spinning saw blade by using an electrical signal to constantly monitor for changes. When the human body contacts the blade, that signal drops and a brake activates to stop the blade within only 3-5 milliseconds. At the same time, the angular momentum of the blade causes the blade to retract below the table and the motor is shut off. The fast, accurate SawStop safety system turns what could have been a serious, life-altering event into a minor scratch comparable to a paper cut. SawStop
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OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Software

This safety software program automatically completes four OSHA recordkeeping forms: OSHA 300 Log, OSHA 300A Summary, OSHA 301 Incident Report and the OSHA-BLS Annual Injury & Illness Survey. The software completes OSHA injury forms, organizes injury records and maintaines employee injury files. Computer-based forms eliminate paperwork, tedious data entry and concerns about errors, oversights or OSHA violations. ZeraWare
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Composite Lineman Gloves

The new Flex & Grip gloves allow users to enjoy the comfort and ease of one pair of gloves instead of two while still achieving abrasion and perforation protection. The gloves offer suppleness in spite of the thickness required to protect against mechanical hazards, while the chemical formula on the outside layer gives exceptional grip, even in wet conditions. Regeltex
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Compact Emergency Stop Switches

These compact TH-Contact emergency stop switches provide a safety option where space is limited and offer nearly twice the operating force of many other competitive E-stop switches. These rugged, IP65-sealed switches are available with illuminated or non-illuminated mushroom cap diameters of 25, 30 and 40 mm for 16.2 mm panel cut out or 22.5 with adapter option. These switches are ideal for applications including remote control equipment, machine automation or assembly, elevators, portable equipment or security/emergency exits. Johnson Electric
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