Partnership Formed To Improve Safety At Logging Worksites in\rLa.

May 19, 2000
More than 200 logging employers in Louisiana have agreed to participate in a program to enhance logging workers' safety and health.

Logging workers'' safety and health in Louisiana will be enhanced by the signing of a landmark partnership between OSHA, the Louisiana Forestry Association and the Louisiana Logging Council.

There are almost 200 logging employers who have agreed to participate in this strategic partnership.

These employers have committed to establish a written safety and health program and are required to complete at least six hours of formal safety training annually.

OSHA has targeted the logging industry in an effort to reduce its injuries and illnesses rates by 15 percent annually.

There have been eight logging related fatalities in Louisiana since January 1999.

While participation in the partnership is voluntary, OSHA anticipates that employers will experience a decrease in workplace accidents and illnesses and a decrease in workers'' compensation costs.

"The partnership will help OSHA to achieve its strategic goal of reducing injuries and illnesses in the logging industry," said John J. Deifer, OSHA area director in Baton Rouge. "Additionally, the partnership should provide a higher level of employee safety and health training."

For more information, contact the OSHA Baton Rouge office at (225) 389-0474 or the Louisiana Forestry Association at (318) 443-2558.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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