TRI Web Site Revised, 1998 Data Report Completed

Sept. 19, 2000
EPA launched a revised version of the Internet data analysis\r\nsearch tool, TRI Explorer, which triples the amount of toxic\r\nemissions information previously available.

EPA launched a revised version of the Internet data analysis search tool, TRI Explorer, which triples the amount of toxic emissions information previously available.

The agency has also issued a 360-page detailed data report of the 1998 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI).

The revised TRI data analysis Web site, TRI Explorer version 3, provides a several new enhancements to the initial tool released in May.

EPA said the enhancements and additional search capabilities were developed in response to requests from the public and stakeholders and include data on facility transfers off-site and waste management.

The new report, "1998 Toxics Release Inventory Public Data Release," provides an analysis of the national TRI data for the manufacturing industries, the original industries monitored since 1988, and the seven newly included major industrial sectors, electrical utilities, coal mining, metal mining, chemical wholesalers, petroleum bulk plants and terminals, solvent recovery and hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal.

It is an addendum to the report released on May 11 and the state-by-state fact sheets released on Aug. 11.

The TRI program requires companies to report quantities of toxic chemicals that their facilities annually release into the air, water and land.

A compilation of the latest TRI data, background information, state-by-state fact sheets and a the detailed analysis is available at

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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