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March 1, 2008
Safety Glasses These new Atom safety glasses from Elvex offer excellent fit in a stylish, lightweight model. The sleek, comfortable glasses fit against

Safety Glasses

These new Atom safety glasses from Elvex offer excellent fit in a stylish, lightweight model. The sleek, comfortable glasses fit against the nose and ears with soft rubber pads, while colored temples add flair. The glasses are ANSI Z87-compliant and the polycarbonate lenses offer 99 percent UV protection. Six lens versions are available, including clear, clear anti-fog, blue, indoor/outdoor, gray and silver mirror. Elvex Corp.
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Flame-Retardant Gloves

These Endura FRskinz cowgrain fitter gloves feature a polyurethane-reinforced gauntlet cuff; leather-tipped fingers; knuckle straps; a gunn-cut pattern; flame-retardant cotton areas; and a palm lining for extra heat protection. The gloves are sewn with Kevlar thread and are designed for applications involving open flame, arc flashback or spark. Superior Glove
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Portable Gas Detectors

Honeywell Analytics expanded its X Series of gas detection to include a single-gas detector (XD), five-gas detector (X5) and automatic test/calibration docking station (MicroDock II). These units, designed for industrial plants, feature advanced datalogging, PID and IR sensor options and water/dust resistance. The MicroDock II expands to include up to ten docking modules. HoneyWell Analytics
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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

The Sperian Warrior is a new and safer SCBA that provides firefighers with greater maneuverability. The hinged swivel and pivot mechanism adapts to each user's individual body contour and body size. Compared to a rigid frame, the Warrior offers firefighters a 20 percent increase in hip flexion when crawling, and up to 30 percent greater trunk mobility when bending over. The sleek design features a first stage regulator, a central power source, PASS audible and visual alarms and low air and battery alarms. The Warrior meets and surpasses new NFPA standards. Sperian Fire, a division of Sperian Protection
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Eye Protection

The BearKat small protective eyewear from MCR Safety is 9 percent smaller across the lens area and 17 percent shorter in temple length to provide better protection for smaller faces. The eyewear features a lightweight single wrap-around lens design with non-slip temple sleeves. Lens offerings include clear, gray, light blue and indoor/outdoor clear mirror. MCR Safety
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Lateral-Impact Head Protection

These Fibre-Metal Supereight SE2 Sensor caps offer multi-directional protection to offer workers on high-risk jobsites with both top and side impact protection. The hard hats feature a dual-impact energy-control system that senses the point of impact and activates the appropriate force attenuation system. A blow to the crown activates the crown impact system, while a lateral blow to the sides, front or rear of the cap activates the patented attenuator band, which provides protection for the periphery of the cap. Fibre-Metal, a North Safety brand
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Vacuum Tube Lifter

This ergonomic Anver VT140 vacuum tube lifter eliminates manual lifting when loading and unloading shrink-wrapped canned goods and similar products. It has an extended handle with adjustable up/down controls and features a suction pad attachment with dual foam sealing rings for securely lifting loads up to 125 lbs. The lifter is constructed of stainless steel with plastic or stainless steel housing. It swivels 360 degrees under the vacuum and is designed for continuous operation. Anver Corp.
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Compact Excavator Line

The new zero-tail-swing compact excavator model 2803ZT is the latest addition to Mustang's line of 12 compact excavators. The machine features a large, comfortable operator's station; easy-to-access maintenance points; a side-mounted engine; rear-mounted hydraulic and fuel tanks; low weight to accommodate trailer transport; and the largest cab in the compact excavator class. The agile zero-tail-swing design eliminates rear overhang, and the longer undercarriage, sturdy track width and optional counterweight enhance stability. Mustang Mfg. Co.
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Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers

With the redesigned Dickson Graph-at-a-Glance flat panel temperature and humidity data loggers, managers can track temperature or humidity conditions affecting worker safety and comfort. These data loggers are paperless chart recorders that provide a digital graph enabling users to immediately visualize environmental trends that could affect workers. Features include a 36 percent greater resolution; flash memory card data transfer capability; USB-enabled triple speed downloading; user-defined display settings; 32KB storage; and audio/visual alarms. Dickson Co.
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All-Purpose Wipers

The ShopHogTM wipers from New Pig Corp. are highly absorbent with a thick, heavy-duty construction that takes in liquid on contact and can withstand tough chores and conditions. The material is soft enough to use on delicate parts, even the hands or face. Each disposable wiper delivers the durability and capacity of a rental shop towel, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and the expense of laundering and replacement. The wipers are available in a dispenser buckets or in a stand-alone, center-pull roll. New Pig Corp.
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LED Flashlight

The Super-Tac flashlight from Streamlight uses new C4 LED technology, making three times brighter than standard LEDs to deliver up to 135 lumens of intense white light for up to 3.5 hours. The Super-Tac delivers a superior long-range targeting beam, with ample peripheral illumination for navigation. The flashlight is constructed of aircraft aluminum with a durable black anodized finish and contains an unbreakable, scratch-resistant coated polycarbonate lens. The 50,000-hour lifetime-rated C4 LED is shockproof. Streamlight Inc.
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Ductless Fume Hoods

These new, advanced ductless fume hoods from Air Science USA are designed to provide maximum operator protection when using hazardous substances. The fume hoods feature sophisticated airflow; filter alarms; advanced safety features; and switches and electrical components that are isolated from the dirty airflow. These energy-saving units are available in sizes from 2 to 8 feet with a main filter that can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon. Air Sciences USA
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Co-Polymer Nitrile Exam Glove

The new SemperCare co-polymer nitrile glove from Sempermed is manufactured using fusion bonding to create the comfort and elasticity of latex with the safety of nitrile. The multi-layered, comfortable glove offers tensile strength and elasticity and has a lower modulus for less hand fatigue. This powder-free, non-latex nitrile glove is a safe, durable option for long periods of work. Sempermed
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Foot Protection

The Contour Welt boot from Wolverine combines flexibility, comfort and support with a functional, eye-catching design. The boot's supple, full-grain leather molds to the foot while the contour-stitched arch allows the boot to bend and flex at essential points, preventing shifting during motion. A gel insole cushions each step, increasing stability and balance, while individual compression pads absorb shock and return energy in each step, providing all-day comfort. The boot is slip-, oil-, chemical-, heat- and abrasion-resistant. Wolverine
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Hand Protection

The Evolution glove from Ironclad is specially designed to fit the contours of a woman's hand. The glove offers breathable comfort and features a seamless fingertip design; a washable synthetic leather palm with patented flex pattern; reinforced fingernail guards; and an anatomically designed pattern to fit and move with a woman's hand. Ironclad
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Thermal Protective Gel

Barricade fire gel forms a unique thermal protective coating to stop fire from burning homes, structures, vehicles, fuel tanks and other flammable objects by protecting against radiant heat, direct flames, flying brands and burning embers. The gel is specially formulated to adhere to all exposed surfaces and is designed for either residential, commercial or wildfire use. When mixed with water from an ordinary garden hose or a fire hose, Barricade also can be used on grass, trees and shrubbery to create a firebreak. This non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe product is easy to apply and clean up. Barricade
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EHS Training Catalogue

Summit's 2008 products catalog showcases the company's award-winning compliance training materials. The catalog is easy to use, with separate tabs for each product line and an easy reference product matrix. This free catalogue contains information on more than 600 DVD training programs, 150 online training programs, support materials and more. Product lines cover over 100 compliance training topics and serve all major industrial markets. Summit Training Source
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Respiratory Protection DVD

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) offers “Respiratory Protection Management: Current Issues,” a DVD course designed to provide participants with working knowledge of OSHA's respiratory protection standard and related respiratory program tools. The course's goal is to provide participants with information and resources needed to review, update, tailor and manage respiratory programs for a variety of industrial and first responder environments. AIHA
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Oversized Fume Hood Panels

These oversized, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRG) fume hood panels maximize fabrication and per-sheet yield to optimize flat sheet machining, stock and delivery. The fire-resistant panels have a smooth interior surface that is durable, easy to clean and provides high light reflectivity. They withstand exposure to a wide range of acids, solvents and alkalis; resist staining and discoloration; and have been independently lab-tested to meet ASTM standards. MFG Composite Systems Co.
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Safety Mat System

The new UMQ Series safety mats from Omron feature a patented quick-disconnect cable connector that simplifies installation and eliminates the need to replace an entire safety mat due to damaged cables. The quick-disconnect feature accommodates last minute cable length changes in the field, significantly reducing the potential for cable damage during installation. If a cable is damaged during installation or mat operation, it can simply be replaced without replacing the entire mat. The quick-disconnect is designed for backward compatibility with Omron STI safety mats. Omron STI
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Flame-Resistant Fabrics

Milliken's Amplitude line of high-performance flame-resistant fabrics are constructed of a cotton/nylon blend designed to help mitigate potential injuries due to electric arc and flash fire exposure. The new proprietary fabrics are processed ammonia-free and offer enhanced durability and comfort. The fabrics have been independently tested and are ideal for use in manufacturing, utilities, electrical maintenance, petrochemical, welding and steel industries. Milliken & Co.
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Combination Screw-In Connector

This combination screw-in connector, made of zinc-plated steel, makes 90-degree connections of T-slotted profiles without machining to save costs. The assembly includes a threaded barrel, M8 socket head cap screw and a drop-in T-nut. The connectors feature easy installation and may be positioned in two opposite T-slots for a stronger connection. 80/20
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Electric Platform Cart

Lift Products' expanded line of self-propelled electric platform trucks now includes the new Moto-Cart Jr. This economical model features 1,100-pound capacity and maintenance-free batteries with an on-board charger. Moto-cart can travel up to 15 miles per charge. Lift Products Inc.
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Powered Stacker

The versatile, ergonomically designed PowerStak counterbalance stacker from Presto Lifts works with any style pallet or skid and is ideal for servicing racks, loading/unloading trucks and feeding machinery. With a load capacity of 1100 pounds, a load center of 15 inches and a lift height of 62 inches, the unit has a short but stable wheelbase to maximize maneuverability in tight quarters or on uneven floors and ramps. Presto Lifts Inc.
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Mechanical Isolation Valve

BS&B's Type IVE mechanical isolation valve guards prevents explosions by protecting against the passage of hot particles, glowing embers and flames that may ignite a deflagration or a fire from one vessel to the next. The valve remains open until receiving a signal from a pressure responder or optical sensor and then responds quickly, closing in milliseconds. This quick reaction prevents the passage of hot particles, embers, flames or pressure from continuing to flow through the pipeline. BS&B Pressure Safety Management
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