Federal-Mogul's Ann Arbor Technical Center Receives Safety Award

Aug. 21, 2002
Federal-Mogul Corp.'s Materials & Process Technology (MPT) Ann Arbor Technical Center received the CET Plaque for an outstanding safety and health record from the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services (CIS).

CIS' Bureau of Safety and Regulation issues the Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division's CET Plaque to employers who have achieved five years of an outstanding Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act record. Federal-Mogul is just the seventh company selected for the CET Plaque since 1994. The Ann Arbor facility has logged well over 1 million consecutive work hours &endash; nearly 16 years without having a lost-time accident.

"Federal-Mogul's corporate emphasis on workplace safety and health recognizes that businesses can be economically competitive and still diligently protect their workers," CIS Deputy Director Kalmin Smith said.

Smith presented the award to Jim Toth, manager, Materials & Processes Technology; Charu Ramaswami, quality engineer and EHS coordinator; James Carpenter, metallurgical technician and former safety coordinator; and Brenda Greca, quality engineer and former EHS coordinator. All of the facility's employees attended the ceremony and a luncheon immediately following.

"We are proud of the Ann Arbor facility and the continuous improvements they have made to maintain a safe working environment," said Jack Nunes, Federal-Mogul corporate safety manager. "One million hours without a lost-time accident is quite an achievement and a definite step toward our company goal of zero injuries and illnesses."

Federal-Mogul MPT Ann Arbor Technical Center's approach to safety is part of comprehensive environmental, health and safety management system guidelines set by Federal-Mogul. Employee involvement and effective communication are keys to the successful implementation of the program.

Periodic safety training and safety audits are part of the culture at the facility. Every new employee hired at the MPT facility is indoctrinated in the environmental, health and safety practices through a new-employee orientation checklist.

Facilitywide safety training sessions are held monthly. Safety audits and results are posted regularly for employees. Periodic business plan review meetings held by facility management include reviews of safety corrective and preventive actions.

"This award is a credit to each of our 32 employees," Toth said. "Our employees have not only placed the highest priority on safety and health, they have made safe practices an integral part of how we do business. Our team views safety the same way we look at product development with a conviction that we can always do more and do it better."

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