Brochure Helps Employers Select Proper Hearing Protection

June 14, 2000
A new brochure from ISEA gives\r\nemployers guidance on selecting and obtaining proper hearing\r\nprotection for noisy work environments.

A new brochure from ISEA -- The Safety Equipment Association gives employers and employees in construction and various industrial settings guidance on selecting and obtaining proper hearing protection for noisy work environments.

The 12-page color booklet, "Products to Keep You Tuned In To Life," describes the seven principal types of hearing protection (active noise-reduction headsets, band-type hearing protectors, communication headsets, ear caps, ear muffs, disposable ear plugs, and reusable ear plugs), lists ISEA member companies that provide each type of protection, and gives information on how to contact each company.

"Unfortunately, many workers in construction, manufacturing and other industrial settings suffer significant hearing loss after 15 to 20 years of being subjected continually to noise from machinery, day-to-day activities, tools and traffic," said ISEA President Dan Shipp. "Hearing loss has a dramatic impact on quality of life and also can pose safety problems on and off the job. The good news is that this type of hearing loss also is preventable through a combination of a quieter workplace and proper hearing protection."

Hearing protection products from ISEA members meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Noise Control Act of 1972 (40 CFR 211) and set the world standard for reducing harmful noise, while allowing workers to stay in touch with their surroundings and communicate effectively with co-workers.

Individual copies of the hearing protection guide are available without charge by calling ISEA at (703) 525-1695 or sending an email to [email protected].

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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