Conn. Employer Cited for Repeat Safety Violations

Nov. 22, 2000
OSHA cited Danaher Tool Group, doing business as Holo-Krome Inc.\r\nof West Hartford, Conn., for alleged serious, repeat and other\r\nviolations of workplace safety and health standards.

OSHA cited Danaher Tool Group, doing business as Holo-Krome Inc. of West Hartford, Conn., for alleged serious, repeat and other violations of workplace safety and health standards.

The agency is proposing penalties totaling $106,500 for the violations.

According to OSHA, the alleged violations were discovered during safety and health inspections of the company''s West Hartford facilities, which were conducted between May 18 and Oct. 31.

The inspections were initiated as the result of a fatal accident at the plant on May 18, when an employee working on the black oxide plating line was killed when his head and neck were caught between the machine frame and a computer controlled hoist trolley.

The plant, which fabricates Allen wrenches, hex fasteners and socket extensions, was found to be exposing employees to a variety of hazards, noted OSHA, ranging from unguarded machines, to damaged and exposed electrical equipment, to dangerous overhead cranes, to hazardous chemicals.

"The violations we found add up to evidence of a lack of serious commitment to worker safety and health on the part of this employer," said Thomas Guilmartin, OSHA area director in northern Connecticut. "The tragic and avoidable death of a worker is just one result. To find an employer exposing its employees to these types of hazards is simply unacceptable."

Safety inspections yielded 23 alleged serious violations by the company, including:

  • improperly inspected, installed and maintained underhung cranes;
  • damaged ladder not removed from service;
  • lack of specific lockout procedures;
  • exposed chain and sprocket drives; and
  • damaged electrical box and electrical conduit pulled from its fitting.
  • OSHA also cited the company for various alleged health violations such as:
  • eye washes not readily available where employees worked with caustic chemicals;
  • no hazard assessment for personal protective equipment and rubber boots not provided, rubber apron not work for work with 50 percent hydrogen peroxide;
  • safety signs not posted for smoking and acid transfer; and
  • confined spaces not marked.

Danaher Tool Group has 15 days to contest OSHA''s citations.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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