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But That Couldn't Happen to Me: A Safety Narrative

An accident or so they say

Claimed the life of someone at work today

The cause they said, “Complacency”

He failed to follow rules you see


But that couldn’t happen to me


He could always be counted on

He was the one to “get it done”

The rules he stretched, ignored and bent

He’d take it back could he repent


But that couldn’t happen to me


“We can’t turn it down or they will leave”

Our choices, we look back and grieve

The customer he had to please

His boss once pushed, now on his knees


But that couldn’t happen to me


His wife and kids cannot replace

His hugs and kisses, smiling face

How important were they to him

If he could overlook rules at a whim


But that couldn’t happen to me


That man from work, inside the box

I look upon and my world rocks.

The lady grieving here you see

My widow sheds the tears for me


But that couldn’t happen to me


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