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National Safety Survey Respondents Speak Out: Budget Concerns

With our 2012 National Safety Survey in full swing (you can fill out the survey here), I thought I’d share some comments from last year’s survey that didn’t make it into the feature article. In the first post of this blog series, we’ll see how economic conditions affected the respondents’ safety programs last year. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: How have economic conditions within the last year affected your safety programs and budgets, if at all?

“2010 was a year of slow recovery for my company. We are at only 60 percent of our 2007 production and income. Money is very tight and each expense must be looked at singularly. No department has a set budget.”

“The overall effect has been invisible. I have developed resources over the years that are either free or inexpensive and are just as effective. Budgets should not drive overall worker safety. PPE would be one exception to this.”

“Making bricks without straw.”

“We came close to shutting down. We are back to FULL employment.”

“Our budgets have stayed the same, but we’re constantly asked to do more with less and frustration is growing.”

“A bump in the road.”

“Economic conditions have improved for our business and positively affected programs and budgets.”

“[We had a] 50% headcount reduction after having the best results year in 6 years.”

“Not at all, safety is our No. 1 priority.”

“All company budgets have been cut. We have been asked to take on additional tasks and do more with less. I suspect this is a U.S.-wide scenario, considering our economy.”

“Budgets are the same. Therefore, in real dollars they have decreased.”

“Cut to bone, in spending freeze now.”

“Affected greatly, no travel! Utilizing more webinars and local safety venues.”

“Ergonomics have not been really looked over to an extent. It appears as an ‘as needed’ basis.”

“Morale has decreased throughout since there have been no pay increases for any employee for 3 years.”

“Just last year? [Our budget] has not had an increase in 8 years.”

“I am the first person in my position at my company. This came about because of 2 years of increased injury rates. I have been given enough support economically to start our program. It has already begun to pay back in reduced costs and injuries.”

Stay tuned for additional comments from the 2011 survey. And be sure to make your voice heard and fill out the 2012 National Safety Survey today!

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