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Smart, Shiny and Social: The New

Smart, Shiny and Social: The New

When I joined EHS Today (then Occupational Hazards) only 5 short years ago, we didn't have a blog. Or a Facebook page. Or a Twitter account. While our Web site offered a wealth of useful content, the design was unwieldy and not always intuitive or easy to navigate. Clearly, it was time for a change — the first change of many.

In 2008, we changed the magazine's name to EHS Today to reflect the expanded roles many occupational safety and health professionals have taken on. At the same time, we launched a redesign of our Web site, which was a definite improvement. But 4 years have passed since that overhaul in 2008. (What does 4 years in Internet time translate to in real-world time? Fourteen years? Forty?) It was time to follow the example of so many of today's EHS professionals and embrace change yet again.

This week, our entire team at EHS Today and our broader group at Penton Media are proud to unveil our newest Web site design. This new site is more intuitive, user-friendly, engaging and attractive — overall, just a better site than any we've had in the past.

I'd like to point out a few key features and differences you'll discover in this new site. First, we streamlined our categories and provided easier access to white papers and videos. Our article comment system also has changed — for the better. You will need to sign up to comment on articles, but once you do so, you're good to go. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments. We also have introduced new Hot Topic pages to cover many of the hot-button issues in the EHS world. Finally, this blog post that you're reading right now is part of a vastly improved blog platform. Our blog is more visible and is updated more frequently, all to provide you with some of the best (and most entertaining) EHS commentary around.

I invite you to explore our new site. Have a look around. Enjoy the larger and more prominent images. Comment on our articles. Check out the latest features from the magazine. Get acquainted with our bloggers. In fact, if you're interested in joining the conversation even more, contact me at [email protected] for possible guest blogging opportunities. Who knows — maybe it will be your face in this space next.

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