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Speaking with America’s Safest

ASC 2010 receptionEvery year, our America’s Safest Companies (ASC) award ceremony and reception earns its place as one of my favorite work events. And it’s not the food and champagne that make me look forward to this event – it’s the opportunity to meet the people who make their organizations some of the safest in the nation.

When Executive Editor Sandy Smith and I read through the ASC applications every year and make our determinations, it quickly becomes apparent that some companies just “get it.” As we sift through the many fine entries, some companies rise to the top because their applications express a sincere, whole-hearted dedication to fostering a safe, healthy and productive work force.

At the ASC reception, we get the chance to meet some of the leaders and employees responsible for these stellar safety and health programs. This helps me develop a more complete picture of how and why safety is valued within these organizations. Plus, it’s wonderful to see how honored these recipients are to be recognized for their dedication to safety.

The November EHS Today podcast celebrates America’s Safest Companies. Representatives from four winning companies share some of their secrets to safety success and express what this award means to them. The podcast even includes some of the sounds from the 2010 ASC awards ceremony and reception, which took place Oct. 4 in the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego (reception space pictured above). The November 2010 issue of EHS Today includes profiles of all ASC winners.

Finally, stay tuned for an upcoming blog entry that will share some tips and words of wisdom for the ASC applicants. After all, it’s not too early to start preparing for next year’s application season.

2010 America’s Safest Companies

2010 America's Safest Companies Podcast

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