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Four Florida Contractors Face Violations After Serious Fall

The companies failed to address numerous hazards, leading to an OSHA investigation.

A fall at a Florida construction site that left a worker with serious injuries has led to numerous penalties and fines for four Florida contractors.

The Southern Living Contractors Inc. employee was completing work on the 82-unit Avery Square residential housing complex when the accident occurred.

OSHA conducted an inspection at the Naples job site and cited the company for failing to provide fall protection to employees engaged in roofing activities.

During the investigation, inspectors witnessed several other safety hazards associated with the three other contractors.

The agency cited Crown Roofing LLC for failing to provide fall protection, improper use of a ladder, and exposing employees to struck-by hazards from falling construction debris. Paramount Drywall Inc. – operating as Paramount Stucco LLC – received citations for exposing employees to fall hazards, failing to provide fall protection, and permitting employees to climb the scaffold frame instead of an approved ladder to access the work platform. Sunny Grove Landscaping and Nursery Inc. received citations for exposing employees to struck-by hazards from falling debris.

In total, the four companies received 12 citations reaching $220,114 in proposed penalties.

The investigations were completed in conjunction with OSHA's Regional Emphasis Program on Falls in Construction program.

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