Construction Worker Missing After Parking Garage Collapses

The front half of a parking garage in Jacksonville, Fla., collapsed the morning of Dec. 6, injuring nearly two dozen construction workers. One worker is still missing.

Rescuers continue to search the rubble for Willie Edwards III, the missing worker who was pouring concrete with other employees on the sixth floor of a condominium parking garage when it collapsed. Officials believe Edwards may be trapped under debris and concrete.

At least 18 workers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries after the collapse while others were treated on the scene for less severe injuries. As of Dec. 7, five of the injured remained hospitalized in good or fair condition.

Choate Construction Co. of Atlanta is building the parking garage and Berkman Plaza II, the adjacent condominium. Officials stated it could take up to several months to determine the cause of the collapse, which could be attributed to design flaws, construction flaws or weight overload. An OSHA inspection team arrived at the scene Dec. 6 to investigate.

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