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PenaltiesDrivers and carriers would be subject to Federal civil penalties if they are determined to have operated CMVs in interstate commerce when the speed limiting device is 1 not functioning or 2 set at a maximum speed in excess of the maximum specified set speedThey would be subject to Federal civil penalties of up to 2750 for drivers and up to 11000 for employers who allow or require drivers to operate CMVs with speed limiting devices set at speeds greater than the maximum specified

OSHA: Montana Highway Contractor Exposed Workers to Burns

Nelcon Inc. failed to report in-patient hospitalization within 24 hours.

Kalispell, Mont.-based Nelcon Inc. is facing $261,418 in fines after numerous injuries at one of its mobile asphalt-mixing plants.

Three workers suffered burns when ambient oil was poured into a larger hot oil tank. One of those workers was hospitalized after falling 15 ft. during the incident.

OSHA opened an investigation shortly after the accident and found that Nelcon Inc. exposed worked to 23 safety violations including failure to use fall protection systems; guard machinery; provide adequate personal protective equipment; control hazardous energy; and report a work-related incident leading to in-patient hospitalization within 24 hours, as required.

Nelcon Inc. has 15 business days to respond to the citations either through compliance, an informal conference or contesting the findings.


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