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SLC 2017: At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Luxury and Safety Provide the Ultimate Fan Experience

Think of Mercedes-Benz Stadium as a monument to all things football, both American (the Atlanta Falcons, college playoff teams) and European (the Atlanta United). When filled to capacity, the stadium can hold 80,000 screaming fans. From the one-of-a-kind halo board to the open roof to a world-class art collection to the bevy of collectible cars to the management of safety, there's nothing ordinary about Mercedes-Benz stadium.

At the height of the round-the-clock construction of the new. $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home to the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta United, there were 3,300 construction workers swarming all over the site, with 40 safety coordinators for the different trades holding daily safety and construction coordination meetings to maintain a safe working environment. Safety challenges included moving 27,000 tons of steel into place using 13 cranes, including Big Red, one of the two biggest cranes in the world, capable of lifting 2.5 million pounds at a time. Now that the stadium is built, the safety focus has shifted to safety for the 6,000+ employees and as many as 80,000 fans for a Super Bowl.

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