Communication Strategies for Returning to Work During COVID-19

Communication Strategies for Returning to Work During COVID-19

Sept. 27, 2020
The Cleveland Clinic offers some best practices in COVID communication.

As many people continue to return to the workplace, one of the areas that will ensure success is how well an organization communicates.

The Cleveland Clinic has offered best practices to consider.

Establish an incident command team or COVID-19 task force that includes representatives from Corporate Communications. Meet regularly and share information that communication professionals can provide to the organization/company.    

Leadership involvement is a critical necessity and should include a cadence of regular communications to all your key audiences. Communication from leadership should be planned and provide valuable, consistent information to your employees and other key stakeholders.     

Ensure your reactivation efforts align with your organization’s values and mission and tie them into your communications and messaging    

Rethink how you work. Do you need to consider moving from a five-day work week to a seven-day work week in your Communications department? Meet twice daily to identify needs at the beginning of the day and then wrap-up at the end of the day so everyone is aware and involved. Develop a procedure for clear hand-offs of projects at the end of each shift.    

Identify target audiences, what information they need, how they will receive it and how often.    

Assign Communications team members to different areas so they develop subject matter expertise and contacts within the departments with

Reimagine how you communicate. With things changing quickly, you will likely need to increase the frequency of your communications. Evaluate the tools you have in place and identify how to utilize them in this evolving pandemic.    

Tell your employees to be vigilant about procedures, to peer-identify people who they see putting themselves at risk, and to take care at home to protect their families    

Don’t forget to tell your people how much you appreciate them. Assure them of the continuity of your mission, vision and values.

Be flexible. An open-minded approach is essential as you rethink and reimagine the best ways to address your communication needs with employees

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