Pandemic Concerns Spawn New Firm, Web Site

May 10, 2007
Stating that its goal is “to circumvent fear and alleviate confusion,” a new company called the Pandemic 101 Corp. has launched a Web site that is designed to be a clearinghouse of information to help people prepare for a possible pandemic in the United States.

According to the company, “subject matter experts on infectious disease control, SARS, emergency management, training and exercise design and product specialists” formed the Pandemic 101 Corp. to develop a Web site that “is the most complete and relevant source of information to help people effectively prepare for a pandemic.”

“We have all seen the news and heard stories from across the globe on how pandemics like the avian bird flu have affected people in regions where outbreaks have occurred,” said Scott Ashley, president and founder of Pandemic 101. “We hope that our resources and products will get people thinking of the damaging effects a pandemic in North America could have on individuals and corporations and how important it is for everyone to be prepared.”

In a news release, the company asserted: “The daunting task of sifting through the thousands and thousands of web sites, news releases, business reports, medical publications and government documents becomes an overwhelming challenge for many.”

Web Site Offers Resources for Businesses and Families

The Pandemic 101 Web site provides resources for pandemic preparedness information as well as corporate and family pandemic preparedness products.

Pandemic 101 offers family preparedness products that come in one-, two- or four-person kits. Each kit contains:

  • An 80 page family preparedness guide.
  • An Infectious disease and pandemic flu training DVD.
  • Free access to training videos and information at the Pandemic 101 library.
  • Personal protective products including gloves, masks and sanitizers.
  • A voucher for Tamiflu, which can be processed through an online pharmacy.

According to the Web site, a one-person kit costs $200, a two-person kit costs $349 and a four-person kit costs $599.

According to the company, Pandemic 101 also provides organizations with turnkey operational processes, plans, medical directives, infectious control guidelines, pandemic table top exercises, online training, infection control products, medical directors and access to antiviral medications.

“Our program is designed to enable business organizations to be prepared,” the company said.

The Pandemic 101 Web site is located

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