The US Chemical Safety Board said a flash fire that enveloped seven workers in flames was  the result of an accumulation of combustible dust inside this poorly designed dust collection system that had been put into operation only four days before the accident
In January 2012 a hole was discovered in the pipeline at Milwaukee39s Mitchell Airport after jet fuel began showing up in soil surrounding the airport and in nearby Wilson Creek  Shell reported that approximately 9000 gallons of jet fuel was released  The response and cleanup cost for the spill was approximately 193 million
Communication Breakdown
A crowd of shoppers hunt for bargains at Macy39s on Black Friday in 2008 in New York City OSHA wants retailers to adopt crowd management plans to protect workers Photo by Yana PaskovaGetty Images
How to Prevent Office Fires [Infographic]
Fire Fighter Union Urges Safety Stand Down for Ebola
AIHA Urges Government to Protect Health Care Workers During Ebola Outbreak
Second Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola; CDC Wants to Interview Airline Passengers
Full-Court Press