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4 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment [Photo Gallery]

Workers in the United States spend more time in the office or on the jobsite than any other country, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.

An average of 47 hours per week per employees leads to an increase in productivity, but the Economic Policy Institute says that incomes have failed to rise as productivity grows, leading to wage inequality and potential burnout if the work environment becomes too stressful.

"As our workplaces evolve, as leaders, our primary focus needs to be on creating a work environment that engages employees and creates passion for them to do extraordinary work," said Peter B. Stark, president, Peter Barron Stark Companies. “I don't know what the opposite of an engaged, passionate employee is but burned out, disconnected and disengaged has to be close."

Peter Barron Stark Companies suggests four tips to create an environment where employees enjoy their day-to-day tasks. Click through the slideshow to view them.

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