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Damaged Landscapes and their Terrible Beauty [Photo Gallery]

For this contest, Triggertrap and Photocrowd wanted to see how photographers captured the beauty and the power of damaged landscapes.

These are the “expert” and “crowd” winners of the Photocrowd “Damaged Landscapes” photography contest. The titles supplied by the photographers are in quotation marks. Titles without quotation marks have been added by the editor. Where available, remarks by either the photographer or judge Paul Shears have been included.

Shears is an architecture and urban landscape photographer who also shoots weddings, portraits and events. His images have been featured in TV advertisements, books and magazines as well as being sold to companies around the world. Paul is a Getty Images Artist and licenses a number of images through them. Most recently he had two images commended in the 'Your View' category of the Take A View 2014 Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.


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