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Insulating attics servicing furnaces and putting timers on thermostats can help us stay green even during the winter months
<p> Insulating attics, servicing furnaces and putting timers on thermostats can help us stay green, even during the winter months.</p>

Don't Let The Cold Freeze Out Your Green Efforts

Even when there's snow on the ground, there are ways to promote green living and sustainability efforts.

It seems like only 5 minutes ago we were donning shorts and flip flops, but as the days get shorter and colder and we turn up the heat for the chillier months, there is no need to stop being green. According to green energy uk, there still are ways households can go green and stay green without having to make huge changes.

"This year the weather during the summer months has been slightly disappointing, whether we like it or not, winter is starting to set in with colder nights, shorter days and winter coats coming out of the wardrobe," explains Doug Stewart CEO of green energy uk, a sustainable energy provider. "However, there are some simple ways you can prepare for the colder season, which will not only mean your home is warmer but also can improve your households' green credentials.

First, says Stewart, make sure your home runs as efficiently as possible. Before the cold snap sets in have your furnace serviced; this will help prevent any mid-winter breakdowns and also ensure you are not wasting energy. Don't forget to bleed radiators if you have boilers, this simple task will only take a couple of minutes but could help raise a temperature of a room by a few degrees.

"Set heating to a timer for when you need it most, coming on at the times you will feel the cold and turning off when you won't be in or when you are snuggled up in bed,” advises Stewart. "Above all, don't forget the great energy savings grants that are available to homeowners, these can provide incentives to get your home insulated to help minimize heat loss during the winter."

Green energy uk provides homes and businesses with sustainable electricity, from traditional sources, such as wind and solar, as well as alternative energy sources like skip waste and cow pats.

Continues Stewart: "Making green choices doesn't have to mean a big commitment, small changes can also make a huge impact; saving energy and working towards being greener."

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