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Anheuser-Busch Focuses on Safety and Environmental Performance

Energy savings from Anheuser-Busch's aluminum can recycling operations last year alone could supply more than 370,000 homes with electricity for one year.

This achievement, as well as others in environmental, health and safety areas, is detailed in Anheuser-Busch's 2002 Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) report, which was released Sept. 3.

The EHS report, available on, describes Anheuser-Busch's progress in promoting excellence in environmental, health and safety performance for its brewing, packaging, entertainment and brewing-related operations.

"As has been our goal for years, Anheuser-Busch seeks to continually implement comprehensive improvements that conserve resources, reduce waste and promote recycling," said John Stier, director of environmental affairs. "This year's report shows that we're making progress in these important areas."

The report notes:

  • By educating employees and making other improvements across its operations, Anheuser-Busch reduced water use by 9 percent; electricity use declined by 4 percent and fuel use declined almost 7 percent since 1997. Since 1972, Anheuser-Busch breweries have cut by 50 percent energy and water used per barrel of beer produced.
  • As the world's largest purchaser and recycler of aluminum cans, Anheuser-Busch's leadership in can technology led the way in the beverage industry. In 2002, Anheuser-Busch made design changes on its 24-ounce aluminum can which allowed for a smaller seam joining the lid to the can body. This modification, along with the lighter 24-ounce can, saved 1.3 million pounds of aluminum in 2002.
  • Three Anheuser-Busch divisions were among 22 companies nationwide recognized by the National Safety Council (NSC) as having the best safety performance record in their industries. Anheuser-Busch's St. Louis brewery, its wholesalership in Tulsa, Okla., and Busch Entertainment Corp.'s Sesame Place each received Industry Leader Awards for outstanding safety achievements.
  • In addition to receiving three Industry Leader Awards, the NSC also recognized Anheuser-Busch for its outstanding safety record overall. Forty-six Anheuser-Busch locations achieved that the NSC's Perfect Record Award for outstanding safety performance in 2002, completing the year with no disabling injuries.

"We have built a well-deserved reputation of quality in everything we do," said Dave Costello, director of Corporate Safety, Health and Risk Management. "All of our employees know this especially holds true in the workplace, where we make safety a top priority. This year's report shows we have made steady progress in improving safety performance in our operations. We're committed to continuing to build on our solid safety track record."

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