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Few Job Hunters Consider Green Employment a Top Priority

While employees might be interested in working for green companies, a recent analysis shows only five percent of professionals consider a company’s environmental status the most influential factor in a career change.

Jobfox, a personal-branding site that connects candidates with career opportunities, surveyed 6,000 professionals to determine what they look for in a new job. More than half of these workers cited advancement opportunities as the most desirable objective in a career change.

"Jobseekers are certainly more green aware," said Rob McGovern, Jobfox CEO and founder. "Professionals might be turning in their SUVs for MINI Coopers and hybrids, but when it comes to new career-advancement opportunities, dreams of greater leadership responsibilities, better rewards and stimulating workplace cultures still rule."

Job hunters also listed leadership responsibilities, work/life balance, respected or admired leadership roles, a sense of accomplishment and higher salaries as their preferred job characteristics. Working for a green company, meanwhile, ranked 18th in this list.

"Inside many organizations, people are taking initiatives to ensure their workplaces are eco-friendly," McGovern said. "But for now, very few job seekers are making career choices based solely on a company's ability to demonstrate environmentally friendly practices."

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