WDCEP Accepts Proposals for Green Collar Job Analysis

The District of Columbia’s growing “green economy” prompted the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership (WDCEP) to solicit bids for a report that will determine the resources, training and policies needed to meet the city’s increasing green labor demand.

Washington, D.C. recently passed the Green Building Act, which requires all public buildings to be built to green standards – such as incorporating solar panels and plant-covered roofs into building designs – beginning in 2008. The Green Building Act, along with other public policy initiatives, creates a growing green economy and produces new, eco-friendly job opportunities for the district’s work force.

"By enacting one of the most aggressive green building laws in the country, the District is not only building a more sustainable city to protect the quality of life for future generations but also creating jobs," said Steve Moore, WDCEP president and CEO.

Other green projects within the district include cleaning up the Anacostia River, upgrading water and sewer systems and modernizing public schools. Howard Ways, special assistant at the D.C. Office of Planning, confirms the greening movement will produce new job prospects. "From construction to river restoration to lead paint abatement, green employment opportunities are emerging across industries,” he explained.

The job analysis will determine the district’s needs; assess the number of people and types of jobs, skills and salaries needed to meet the new demand; and identify the potential skill gap between developing employment opportunities and residents who need jobs. Based on this information, the report will recommend training and policy strategies to strengthen the city’s “green collar” work force, and is expected to assist the city and its partners, residents and businesses anticipate and meet future green job demands.

"This green collar job analysis will serve as an invaluable tool in helping businesses and government not only plan for growth in the green sector of our economy, but also understand what it means to the district," said Moore.

WDCEP issued a request for proposals from firms to conduct the analysis, and will accept proposal submissions until Jan. 25 at noon.

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