Practical Tips for Going Green This Holiday Season

Add more “green” to the season by taking some simple steps to prevent waste, reuse materials and save energy while preparing, celebrating and recovering from the holidays.

These tips from Keep America Beautiful offer a few practical ways to give back to the earth during this year’s holiday season:

  • There’s no question that holidays are the time for giving. Be sure to use recycled paper or newspaper when wrapping gifts for friends and family. When possible, avoid wrapping paper altogether by relying upon the boxes already provided by shops or stores. You can save your gift bags for reuse, as well.
  • Purchase eco-friendly products for gifts. Many companies make products that are made from 100 percent recycled or reused materials.
  • The winter season is full of holiday parties. When spending time eating and drinking with friends, be sure to recycle your cans and bottles.
  • Don’t just throw away all those holiday catalogs sure to appear in your mailbox this season – recycle them, instead.
  • When sending holiday wishes to your friends and family, be sure to choose holiday cards made of recycled paper.
  • The holiday season is full of events and parties. Coordinate with others to carpool to these holiday happenings.
  • If you decorate your home with holiday lights, limit their usage and save energy by setting timers.
  • When holiday shopping, bring your own bag and prevent unnecessary waste.
  • Don't create e-waste! If you receive the gift of a new television, computer or cell phone this holiday, please recycle or donate your old electronics.
  • Many families celebrate the holidays with the decorating and lighting of a Christmas tree. Did you know that you can recycle your tree? Find your local tree recycling options at

Finally, on Dec. 31st, make a New Years Resolution that will benefit the planet – make your commitment to go green in 2009!

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