Top 10 Most Sustainable US Companies

March 16, 2023
Sustainable revenue now makes up half of the gross revenue for the companies on Corporate Knights Global 100.

Recently Corporate Knights released its  2023 Global 100 ranking of the world’s most sustainable companies.

The rating is based on an assessment of more than 6,000 public companies with revenue over US $1 billion. All companies are scored on applicable metrics relative to their peers, with 50% of the weight assigned to sustainable revenue and sustainable investment. 

One interesting result from this year's ranking is that sustainable revenue now makes up half of the gross revenue for the Global 100 compared to just 5% for the wider benchmark, while sustainable investment shows a similar trend. For every ton of carbon they produce, Global 100 companies earn 33 times more revenue than other ESG indices.

The group notes that " while improved productivity scores for carbon, energy, water and other environmental performance indicators are often collateral benefits of underlying megatrends, such as increasing electrification, energy efficiency and digitization, the improvement in sustainable revenues and investments is generally the result of much more deliberate corporate investment policies and strategic decisions, Torrie says. “Very often, there is visionary leadership from the CEO, and the company has a clear view of the way the world is headed and how to get ahead of it.”

For this slideshow we will highlight the 10 highest-ranking US companies. 

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