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Public Meeting Will Address Kirtland Air Base Jet Fuel Leak

The Air Force and New Mexico Environmental Department will address the results of a risk assessment report.

An informational meeting regarding the Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility in Albuquerque, N.M. will be held on Sept. 28 in the city’s African American Performing Arts Center.

A major jet fuel leak first discovered in 1999 spilled an estimated 24 million gallons of liquid. Clean up efforts have continued since then, and Albuquerque’s water supply still is in question, according to news reports.

"We want the public to understand how the Risk Assessment report helps decision-makers to connect the dots and determine the best path forward,” said Kate Lynnes, KAFB Bulk Fuels Facility project senior advisor in a statement. “We plan to provide an overview of the key findings in the report, explain the technical details of the project, and most importantly, engage with the community regarding their questions and concerns."

The risk assessment report evaluates potential fuel leak-related threats to all human exposure pathways, including the drinking water supply. The Air Force provided the report to New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) last month, and it is under active review.

Project experts will be on hand to provide technical and regulatory background. Public input will be received and considered, according to NMED.

The report supports future decision-making by NMED and the Air Force by assessing any potential fuel leak-related risk to human health and the environment--as the current interim cleanup measures are progressing.

The report is now available for community and stakeholder review at

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