Workers Value Eco-Friendly Office Spaces [Infographic]

New survey analyzed responses from U.S. office workers.

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of workers' minds, and your company's culture could be affected by it.

A new survey by UK commercial property agents Savoy Stewart asked 1,703 office workers about their opinions on their company's green initiatives.

Respondents scored their current offices in terms of eco-friendliness, and most answers averaged at only 2.1 out of 5 (1 = not eco-friendly at all and 5 = very eco-friendly).

In addition, survey results indicated that employers aren't implementing enough in terms of eco-incentive office features, which Savoy Stewart listed as:

  • Energy efficient utilities/devices (42%)
  • Office challenges and green policies (32%)
  • Eco-friendly office design and architecture (31%)
  • Abundance of plant-life (27%)
  • In-office sustainability team (14%)
  • Chemical-free washing/cleaning products (12%)

Workers who took the survey said changing the use of utilities and devices will have the most environmental impact in the office, followed by a change in office designs, mindsets, and lastly materials and supplies.



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