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Photo Gallery: Safety at 1,776 Feet

Rising an historic 1,776 feet, One World Trade Center in New York City not only is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere but also is a symbol of American pride and resilience.

During the final stages of construction, project coordinators and building managers assessed the roof for fall hazards and the application of a fall protection system. The last major phase of construction for One World Trade Center involved using a crane to hoist a 408-foot, 758-ton spire into position.

The general consensus was that a fall protection system was needed to provide continuous coverage to all work areas on and around the spire for a total of six workers simultaneously. The project coordinators decided that a rigid track system would be the best option and Rigid Lifelines was chosen to provide the fall protection system.

These photos were provided by Rigid Lifelines and show the scope (and height) of the work on the communication spire.

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