Port Security Product Demonstration Achieves Success

A radiation scanning pilot project at the Matson Navigation Co.'s Howard Terminal at the Port of Oakland (California) has successfully completed 60 days of operation. The pilot project is expected to last 90 days.

The crane-mounted VeriSpreader system moves over a unit of container cargo in approximately 1 minute as it scans for potentially dangerous radiation hidden in cargo containers. During the product demonstration, which is being closely monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, the National Nuclear Safety Administration Agency and major shipping companies. Various types of shipments and cargo are being scanned under different weather conditions in order to test as many variables as possible. Well over 10,000 containers have been successfully scanned through the system.

The pilot project, launched by VeriTainer Corp., a leading manufacturer of crane-based radiation scanning solutions, is being scrutinized by various federal, state and local port security agencies, all of which have visited the location and have been impressed by the technology’s rapidly growing success.

“The response to the VeriSpreader product demonstration has been overwhelmingly positive,” said VeriTainer CEO and Chairman John Alioto. “Ports and local, state and federal agencies from around the world have all come to see the scanning program, and we expect many to adopt this solution in the very near future."

The goal of the project is to address the critical need of securing the nation’s ports without compromising business efficiency, said Alioto. "Representatives from around the world, such as customs from the Ports of Rotterdam, Singapore and Tacoma, have all come to see this new technology. The results of this demonstration have made it abundantly clear that VeriTainer has the capacity to detect dangerous radiation quickly and cost effectively. The VeriSpreader is an important tool in addressing the danger of nuclear terrorism.”

Port security is one of the most important challenges facing leaders around the globe today, and the need for effective safeguards has never been stronger, particularly with governments mandating inspections and greater homeland security.

Two features of the VeriSpreader include seamless isotope identification and unmanned, passive technology that facilitates maximum efficiency of the scanner. The technology creates no impact on scarce terminal real estate, no harmful radiation exposure to dock workers and customs personnel and no shore-side opportunity to compromise the container. The scanner also is designed to withstand extreme shock and vibration as it detects shielded and unshielded radioactive material. The system delivers radiation screening, inspection certification and manifest authentication that can be securely transmitted anywhere in the world.

VeriTainer plans to sell its radiation detection services to the container shipping industry for a per container charge in exchange for inspection services and certification.

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