FEMA Administrator Testifies on Reforms for 2007 Hurricane Season

FEMA Administrator David Paulison, during Congressional testimony, said his agency has instituted numerous reforms that have made the agency stronger and "improved our preparedness posture for the 2007 hurricane season."

Speaking before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Paulison noted that FEMA's recent reorganization and adjustments included in the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act have resulted in "a New FEMA that is stronger and more nimble that it was just a year ago."

He said the agency has new, experienced leaders on staff, pre-arranged contracts for supplies and other elements in place to expedite response to disasters.

In addition, Paulison informed House members that FEMA has:

  • Created "engaged partnerships" with state and local governments.
  • Facilitated and supplied an effective unified command across all levels of government,
  • Engaged with hurricane-prone states to gain a better understanding of their vulnerabilities,
  • Improved logistics and communications capabilities to improve response, and
  • Enhanced disaster assistance capabilities for recovery efforts.

Paulison said the response to disasters this year – including tornadoes, floods and storms across the country – indicate how quickly FEMA will coordinate the federal response in the future.

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