Virginia Hospital Uses Innovative Software to Elevate Emergency Preparedness

In response to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s goal to prepare for events of public health significance, Culpeper Regional Hospital deployed software that gives clinicians immediate access to medical images and specialist knowledge for faster, more accurate recognition and response to threats including pandemic diseases and biological terrorism.

According to Culpeper Regional Hospital management, the visual-clinical-decision-support software VisualDx is a key component for emergency preparedness. The system’s extensive knowledge base of over 900 diagnoses, including more than 16,000 medical images and one-of-a-kind findings-based search platform, makes the software a multi-functional resource for day-to-day clinical diagnosis, emergency preparedness and medical education.

Additionally, the system can be customized to inform clinicians of public health alerts, reporting requirements and notification needs right at the point of care.

“Doctors will be able to identify unusual and unfamiliar health threats more quickly and increase public safety with the help of this innovative diagnostic tool,” stated Dr. Robert Rosen, emergency department medical director at Culpeper Regional Hospital.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funds support the deployment of VisualDx at Culpeper Regional Hospital. VisualDx has been licensed for one year at this location and is being viewed as a trial for the entire state of Virginia, with implications for larger deployments in the year to come.

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