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Colorado Community Utilizing City-Wide Monitoring and Surveillance

The city of Longmont, Colo., is using network cameras from Axis Communications to provide monitoring of the city water supply, library, recreational and memorial centers, pool and correctional facility from anywhere on the network.

“Since our surveillance and safety system has been up and running, Longmont residents feel more secure knowing that both our citizens and facilities are protected,” said Kurt Headrick, senior network analyst for the city of Longmont. “In addition, using the system, I can administer all sites very easily here in the Civic Center from my PC.”

Volpe Industries partnered with Axis to design, develop and configured the complete security system using the AXIS 211A, AXIS 214 PTZ, and AXIS 216FD network cameras and its own Eagle Eye DETEXI software.

“Longmont wanted a system that could expand with their needs,” said Christopher Volpe, president of Volpe Industries. “We started with its water treatment plant a few years ago. Once online, the central IT department realized that multiple NVR’s could be deployed and tied together. Any of the video may be accessed from anywhere within the city, from any authorized personnel with minimal impact on their available bandwidth across their WAN.”

With its success, Longmont is enthusiastic about further leveraging the surveillance system’s capabilities and potentially expanding the system across other key areas around the city. Some of these areas will require wireless connectivity, but still demand high-resolution images. Because of the flexibility of Volpe’s NVR software and its experience with selecting the right equipment for each particular application, integrating additional cameras into the existing system is expected to be seamless and cost effective.

“Network video solutions are ideal for city center applications because they offer high image quality, can be connected via wireless or wired means and offer remote monitoring capabilities,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications Inc. “We are excited that Longmont has worked successfully with Volpe Industries to enhance the safety of its community.”

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