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The 4-1-1 on Forklift Safety Image: Thinkstock

The 4-1-1 on Forklift Safety

Read highlights from the Forklift Safety Twitter chat hosted on Sept. 15 by Material Handing & Logistics, EHS Today and ITA members Toyota, Raymond and Trelleborg.

EHS Today and Material Handling & Logistics joined together with industry experts on Sept. 15 for a Forklift Safety Twitter chat.

The discussion ranged from training to common errors to innovations. Check out the recap below.

Q: How often should operators conduct equipment inspections? And what should be checked?

Q: How thorough should signage be located throughout a facility?

Q: How often should forklift drives be trained? And who should conduct the training?

Q: What training should be offered to employees who interact with forklifts?

Q: What are the elements of a safety training program for operators?

Q: What are some of the common errors in forklift operation?

Q: What are the most common accidents/near misses involving forklifts?

Q: What are some new safety innovations for forklifts?

And we even managed to add cats to the conversation. #Meow

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