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Top 10 Worker Complaints About Your Safety Program (Photo Gallery)

EHS professionals are in the business of saving lives and preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates their efforts to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

In our 2014 National Safety Survey, we asked safety managers to share “the most frequent complaint that you hear from employees about your organization’s EHS program,” among other questions seeking to gauge the pulse of the profession.

After sifting through the write-in responses to this question, we learned at least two things. One: EHS professionals are brutally honest – a refreshing characteristic, to be sure, in this age of political correctness. And two: Many EHS professionals struggle with a common set of complaints from workers, supervisors and – let’s be honest – senior leaders.

The quotes in this photo gallery come directly from the written responses to our survey. Do any of these complaints sound familiar?

And by the way, if you'd like to share a choice quote from your workforce, drop me a line at [email protected].

Look for in-depth coverage of our 2014 National Safety Survey in the upcoming August issue of EHS Today.

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