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Avid Pallet Services Stacks Up Repeat OSHA Violations

Agency issues citations for respiratory hazards.

Beloit, Wisc.-based Avid Pallet Services LLC is facing $188,302 in OSHA penalties after investigators discovered previous violations were not corrected.

Inspectors found the pallet manufacturer failed to correct citations related to wood dust and other respiratory hazards.

“Employers are legally required to ensure that exposures to dust are properly evaluated and managed to protect employees from potential health hazards,” said Chad Greenwood, OSHA’s Madison, Wisc. area director.

Despite being cited for similar hazards in 2016, Avid Pallet Services failed to implement sufficient engineering controls to limit dust exposure, as well as train employees on the health hazards of wood dust.

OSHA issued additional citations were issued after the follow-up inspection for failing to evaluate respiratory hazards, medically evaluate and fit test employees using respirators, inform employees of their right to see exposure records, and use adequate machine guarding on band saws.

Avid Pallet Services has 15 business days to comply with OSHA's findings, to request an informal conference with the agency's area director or to contest the findings.

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