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Beryllium chemical element. Sign with atomic number and atomic weight. Chemical element of periodic table. Molecule And Communication Background. Connected lines with dots.

OSHA Issues Direct Final Rule Clarifying Beryllium Standard

Agency clarifies exposure limit.

OSHA's direct final rule (DFR) for its beryillum standard will become effective on July 4, 2018, according to the agency.

The DFR clarifies aspects of the standard for general industry as it applies to processes, operations, or areas where workers may be exposed to materials containing less than 0.1% beryllium by weight.

The rule also clarifies the definitions of Beryllium Work Area, emergency, dermal contact and beryllium contamination.  It also explains provisions for disposal and recycling, and provisions that OSHA intends to apply only where skin can be exposed to materials containing at least 0.1% beryllium by weight.

Unless the agency receives significant adverse comments by June 4, the DFR will move forward in July.

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