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Beryllium is a metallic element known for its lightweight and mechanical stiffness, often used as a specialty alloy for aluminum, notably for investment castings used in aerospace and defense applications.

OSHA Seeks Input for Beryllium Exposure Requirements

Proposal to protect workers in shipyards and construction.

OSHA's new proposed rule is aimed at clearifying the requirements to protect workers from shipyards and construction from beryllium exposure.

The agency is seeking feedback to more appropriately tailor the requirements of the standards to the exposures in these industries.

The proposal ensures consistency with the general industry standard where appropriate based on a July 2017 final rule clarifying certain requirements with respect to materials containing only trace amounts of beryllium. The proposed changes would maintain safety and health protections for workers, while facilitating compliance with the standards, and yielding some cost savings.

The proposed rule would revise the following paragraphs: Definitions; Methods of Compliance; Respiratory Protection; Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment; Hygiene Areas and Practices; Housekeeping; Medical Surveillance; Hazard Communication; and Recordkeeping. The proposal also sets a hearing date for December 3, 2019. OSHA will continue enforcement of the permissible exposure limit.

Comments, materials, and other information may be submitted electronically at, the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal, by facsimile or mail. See the Federal Register notice for submission details.


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