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gun range
Torrington, Connecticut man at shooting range. Target practice.

Texas Shooting Range Exposes Workers to Lead

OSHA has cited Tap Rack Bang Indoor Shooting Range LLC after employee files complaint.

Airborne lead discovered during an OSHA investigation has led to $214,387 in penalties for Tap Rack Bang Indoor Shooting Range LLC.

The Killeen, TX, shoot range, which does business as The Gun Rage, was investigated in August 2018 after a worker complaint.

The employee claimed that he/she was exposed to unsafe levels of lead during firing range activities. Inspectors discovered lead levels exceeded the permissible exposure limit, and contamination was present on surfaces throughout the business.

OSHA cited the company for failing to replace damaged personal protective equipment and failing to medically monitor employees for lead-related illnesses.

In addition, the agency cited The Gun Range for sweeping up lead debris rather than using vacuum methods with high-efficiency particulate air filters.

OSHA’s National Emphasis Program on Lead addresses lead hazards in the workplace. Inspections focus on hygiene facilities, engineering controls, respiratory protection, exposure monitoring and medical surveillance. Employers are required to monitor their facilities to ensure workplace health and safety hazards are controlled.  

Tap Rack Bang Indoor Shooting Range LL  has 15 business days from receipt of its citations and penalties to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA’s area director or contest the findings.

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