AIHA Announces Academy of Industrial Hygiene Election Results

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently announced the results of the 2008 election for the Academy of Industrial Hygiene Council, which works to provide leadership in advancing the professional field of industrial hygiene.

Through the elected council and its members, the academy focuses on recruitment and training of certified industrial hygienists; promotion of the value of certified industrial hygienists to government, industry and labor; advancement of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene certification process; and education and accountability in the code of ethics for the professional practice of industrial hygiene. All AIHA members who are certified industrial hygienists are members of the academy.

Council members will assume their new terms on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at the Academy Council meeting after the annual Professional Conference on Industrial Hygiene in Tampa, Fla., November 8-11. New council terms include:

  • Jaswant Singh, PhD, CIH, president
  • Donna M. Doganiero, CIH, president-elect
  • Gayla J. McCluskey, CIH, CSP, ROH, QEP, vice president
  • Brad T. Garber, PhD, CIH, DABT, CSP, past president
“With her experience in top leadership positions within AIHA and her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication, the academy is most fortunate to have Gayla join the council as a future president,” said Garber.

Other councilors for 2008-2009 include Nicole M. H. Greeson, CIH; Lawrence W. Whitehead, PhD, CIH; and Thomas C. Ouimet, MPH, MBA, CIH, CSP. The restructured council also will include AIHA President, Lindsay E. Booher, CIH, CSP; the American Board of Industrial Hygiene Chair, Scott E. Merkle, CIH; and ACGIH Chair Lawrence M. Gibbs, CIH.
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