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AIHA Offers Support to Japanese IH Members Following Earthquake, Tsunami

The American Industrial Hygiene Association reached out to Japanese counterpart organizations of International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA), Japan Occupational Hygiene Association (JOHA) and Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement (JAWE), as well as individual AIHA Japanese members, in an offer of support and outreach in light of the recent devastation that has struck Japan.

Following a catastrophic 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami waves in the Pacific Ocean on March 11, many of Japan’s northeastern coastal cities have been largely damaged or destroyed. Japan’s official fatality count has surpassed 4,000 but is expected to rise, perhaps far beyond that number.

The quake also damaged several of the country’s nuclear reactors, leaving Japan in a race against time to cool the reactors and prevent additional fires, explosions and radiation leaks.

“AIHA extends sympathies and condolences to Japan at this difficult time,” said Dr. Michael Brandt, AIHA president. “The disaster in Japan has affected us all, raising awareness of our connections as a global community and touching us deeply.”

AIHA has pledged support services to these members and partner organizations in an effort to aid recovery. AIHA will attempt to match resources and skills to its Japanese partners to provide assistance.

JOHA and JWAE strive to preserve the health and safety of Japan’s work force and communities and these efforts should not be further strained at this difficult time, AIHA said.

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