153 Miners Remain Trapped in Flooded China Mine

Water flooded the Wangjialing coal mine in China’s Shanxi province on March 28, leaving 153 workers trapped underground.

According to media reports, there has been no communication with the trapped miners or signs of life since water coursed through the mineshaft. Rescuers are working to drain water, but as the days wear on, hopes for a safe rescue have begun to fade.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that 261 workers were underground at the time of the flood; 108 were lifted to the surface to safety. While the cause of the flood has not been verified, Xinhau reported that water likely accumulated underground and mining operations broke through to a section that held water, releasing it throughout the mine.

The Associated Press reported that some miners claimed they noticed leaks in the shafts last week, but their warnings were ignored.

If the miners are not rescued, this could amount to one of China’s deadliest mining accidents in recent years.

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