CSPs Escape Hiring Crunch in Slow Economy

While a sluggish economy has slowed hiring in the construction and manufacturing industries, certified safety professionals (CSPs) remain in high demand by employers hoping to reap the business and public perception benefits provided by world-class safety programs.

According to Cindy Lewis, principal owner of Creative Safety Solutions, the recent economic downswing has not negatively affected the hiring climate for safety professionals within the Houston area.

“Right now I would say there is no impact,” Lewis told Occupational Hazards. “Companies are so focused on safety and health for their industries and for their facilities that they aren't going to go away from hiring safety and health people.”

She attributes part of the high demand to new national programs and initiatives, such as OSHA's National Emphasis Program for refineries, as well as public outcry over major safety-related incidents that occurred in recent years. Lewis added that businesses are encouraged to hire safety professionals not only to develop a favorable public perception, but also because they realize the role safety plays in business dynamics.

“I think that everybody's got that heightened awareness now that safety is good business and is important to having a good bottom line,” she said.

In addition to CSPs, nurses, sales representatives, software developers and other skilled professionals also remain in high demand despite the struggling economy. A recent Jobfox survey reveals that hiring rates for these skilled employees will remain strong to help U.S. companies fulfill critical roles.

“These are professions that are thriving and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future,” said Rob McGovern, Jobfox CEO. “While hiring activity is reportedly slow in some industry sectors — construction and manufacturing, for example — companies continue to go after a host of high-impact professions requiring degrees or specialized skills.”

However, McGovern pointed out that workers in any industry should be prepared with career options, even if they are comfortable and content with their current jobs.

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