Ear Protection


AirSoft earplugs from Howard Leight Industries have been redesigned to provide better fit, comfort and performance. The improved internal air pocket design incorporates a series of patented, noise-blocking fins that interweave as the air pocket compresses in the ear canal, creating a noise-blocking barrier that facilitates more dependable attenuation from one user to another. Howard Leight Industries, a Bacou-Dalloz brand
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Musical Earmuff Kit

The Elvex QuieTunes AM/FM radio earmuff now is available as a kit. The kit includes a microfiber storage bag and connection wires. The wires allow the connection of devices such as iPods, CD players and select communication devices. The cords have 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm plugs to accommodate devices with different connection jacks. The earmuff has an NRR of 22 dB. Elvex Corp.
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High-Visibility Earmuff

Bilsom's AM/FM radio earmuff now is available with high visibility. Eye-catching bright green earcups and a reflective headband provide clear visibility, day or night. A 3.5 mm AUX input jack allows the earmuff to connect to MP3 players and other portable audio devices. Patented Air Flow Control technology delivers an NRR 25 when in the “off” position.” Bilsom, a Bacou-Dalloz brand
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